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SumUp Online Affiliate program

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SumUp, the leading mobile point of sale company in Europe, just launched its affiliate program in the U.S. This is happening together with the launch of its brand new Air Lite Card Reader.

The SumUp Air Lite Card Reader allows merchants to accept all major debit and credit cards and easily connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to any smartphone or tablet. Our card reader is up to 10x more affordable than traditional terminals and currently sells for only $69 one-off price.

SumUp is working with a strong network of renowned partners across Europe, including UBS, Tupperware, DHL and many more.

Our new affiliate program is part of a big marketing campaign that we are currently running in our key markets to boost Air Lite Card Reader sales even further. We want you to become part of it!

Your benefits

  • Above average commission: Earn up to €30 per paid Air Card Reader! We pay you €20 for every paid order and €10 on top of every order whenever you refer at least 10 orders within a given week.

  • Click strong banners: Choose from a selection of strong and diverse SumUp banners and text links.

  • Great support: Quick and personal support from the SumUp Affiliate team.

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