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2000+ people. 60+ nationalities. 3 continents. Growing and diversifying daily.

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How We Work

United by a drive to improve the lives of our merchants, we listen to each other, challenge each other’s perspectives and help each other grow.


An agile approach is iterative, incremental and non-hierarchical. We believe it’s the best way to minimise bureaucracy and preserve a close-knit culture.


At SumUp, we see mistakes as opportunities to continuously learn and grow, not as reasons to panic or point fingers.


To maximise agility across SumUp, we tackle big projects as tribes. Each tribe is devoted to a specific area and composed of autonomous squads.

"Working here has been a transformative journey. I’ve had the chance to work with smart, innovative people who are constantly helping us to build and evolve. Life here can be fast-paced, but it’s always fun."

Derek, Berlin

Everyone's welcome

SumUp is a truly global community where every voice counts, and where we strive to learn from each other’s cultures and perspectives. We care about each other and the team always comes first.

We’ll never stop pushing to make our workplaces more diverse and inclusive. We’re proud that over 50% of SumUppers are female, but we’re partnering with organisations around the globe to bring more women into leadership and tech roles.

We empower our LGBTQ+ community to lead the way when celebrating Pride each year. And we get together regularly to discuss how we keep SumUp a safe, welcoming environment for absolutely everyone.

“Being a transgender woman in previous companies has always been a challenge, but this is not the case at SumUp. Since day one I felt that diversity is really valued here – from both a professional and a human perspective.”

Victoria, São Paulo

Supporting social responsibility

All SumUppers are invited to adopt a founder’s mentality and initiate projects they’re passionate about. If there’s a good cause you want to champion, join one of our grass-roots initiatives or feel free to launch your own! 

Our social days programme makes it easy for Berlin-based SumUppers to donate spare time to charitable projects. On previous volunteer days, we’ve prepared food for 1000 homeless people and wrapped Christmas gifts for 1300 refugee children.

Meanwhile, our sustainability guild strives to make SumUp more eco-friendly through regular fundraising activity, and initiatives like a card reader refurbishment scheme.

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