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SumUp’s vision is to become a leading company in Diversity & Inclusion, empowering our SumUppers, merchants and communities that we live in and serve.

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Embracing the journey

At SumUp, we’re committed to building a culture where we can share, learn, and thrive in a safe and nurturing space. We believe we can make a positive impact for our SumUppers, as well as for the sustainability of our planet as a whole. We’re not perfect and there’s still work to do, but we’re embracing this rewarding journey together.


Differences make us unique and strong. Our idea of an inclusive workplace is one where differences are celebrated and people are empowered to be themselves. Driven by our values, we strive to create a culture where everyone can feel safe, supported and progress – no matter how they identify. 


We support the needs of SumUppers by promoting self-care habits and healthy boundaries. We encourage everyone to embrace work-life models that allow them to nurture their mental wellbeing as a priority. By creating a connected community through education and safe spaces our goal is to build an environment where SumUppers are healthy and fulfilled.


We believe in creating a better world, not only for our merchants, but for the people on our planet. To drive change, we're investing in three pillars: environment, education, and entrepreneurship – with a dedicated focus on sustainable solutions and making positive change for minoritised groups.

“We need to challenge each other and reflect on our own behaviours in order to have an impact at SumUp and in our world.”

– Felizitas, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Get a glimpse of diversity at SumUp

We're truly passionate about building diverse teams that represent our societies and we're proud of our 3000 different voices, perspectives, and experiences. Below you can learn more about our current workforce.

Women representation

We celebrate our gender representation parity, where 49% of our SumUppers are women. To develop further, our current ambition is to hire 30% women on our executive level, where we currently reach 24%. At the moment, we have the following gender representation per career step:

As of Q4 2021

Workforce diversity


Although we are a young company with more than 85% of our SumUppers in their 30's and below, we truly believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experiences amongst all generations.


Cultural diversity is at the core of our mission to help our merchants thrive. Currently, our SumUppers have backgrounds from 83 countries, to even better match the diversity of our merchants.


At SumUp, everyone is welcomed. We support our global LGBTQ+ community, which represents 18% of our population. We're proud to share that 1% of SumUppers identify as Transgender and 1% as Non-Binary.

Our SumUp Networks

Our global SumUp Networks allow communities to gather, connect, discuss, celebrate, and act on what they’re passionate about.

Pride Club, SumUpride, Identidades TQI

SumUp's global communities for LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

SumAfro, Race Diversity Network

Global networks for our BIPoC community and allies.

PCDs, Neurodiversity

Our community of SumUppers with diverse physical, cognitive and mental abilities.

Age Diversity

Our global network of 40+ SumUppers fostering age inclusivity.

Women's Circle, Mulheres

SumUp's global networks for women empowerment and gender equality.

“Being part of the Pride Network gives me a warm sense of belonging and community. I feel safe and supported to bring my full self to work."

– Vico, UX Research Associate & Pride Club Network Lead

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