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Reactive to proactive Data Quality Monitoring

In this blog post, we want to share SumUp's journey on how we moved from reactive Data Quality Monitoring in...

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Stop using Alpine Docker images

At SumUp, we use Kubernetes with Docker images a lot, so we are always looking for the best options when it comes to base images.

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SumUp Hack Week - Why do we hack?

We're on a mission to lead payment solutions for small merchants globally, but to achieve that, we need to foster innovation among our tech teams.

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How to write robust REST API with OpenAPI

While working as a backend engineer, I developed a few REST APIs. One thing that always happened to me...

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Career development as a software engineer

Mariusz shares the most important factors that he tries to follow when it comes to his career development.

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Golang Goroutines 101

Golang is famous for its concurrency management. I'll describe and give examples of how to use one of its most powerful features: goroutines.

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Meet our CTO - Johannes Schaback

Johannes discusses why he joined SumUp and how he aims to make SumUp a Top 10 Tech Company in the world.

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Incident management at SumUp

A technical explanation of a recent production issue and the steps we took to remedy the situation.

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AMA: Backend engineering at SumUp

Yonatan is a SumUp Backend Engineer in the Sales Platform tribe. He answers some frequently asked questions by candidates.

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Women in engineering at SumUp

Members of our Women in Engineering community shared the stories behind their decision to become an engineer.

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Kafka SSL encryption and authentication (Part one)

Apache Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe system where the messages are distributed across a set of nodes, called brokers so that the producers 

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Things I learnt as a software engineer

Some people ask me if it’s too early or too late to become a software engineer. My answer for both is a strong NO.

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Decision-making for healthy dev teams

Putting the responsibility of effectively communicating with senior members of a team and making technical decisions with an equal representation.

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How does it "feel" to work in the Hardware Tribe

Working on a product that you can touch and use in real life, that helps in creating connections between people everywhere and every day 

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Migrating SumUp's internal tools

Migrating internal tools can be painful. So let me share our experience migrating from one CI and CD tool to another.

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