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The Most Affordable Way for Your Business to Accept Card Payments.

Enjoy the lowest transaction fees in the market. No contracts. No hidden costs.

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Easy setup

There's no complicated setup required! Sign up for Remote Payments and you’re automatically set up to sell Gift Cards.

Safe distance

Remote payments are a simple solution during social distancing. No need for contact or direct interactions.

The SumUp Card Reader

Tap, Chip or Swipe – get paid every time.

  • Connect with any mobile/tablet device via bluetooth.

  • Accept all major debit and credit cards.

  • Process over 500 transactions on a single charge.

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Transparent Pricing

At SumUp we believe in transparent pricing. That is why you will always know exactly what you have to pay. There are no hidden fees, no monthly fee and best of all no monthly contract. Only pay for what you use.


monthly costs


monthly costs


Per transaction

Join Over One Million Merchants Worldwide That Trust SumUp.

All over the world businesses like yours have decided to simplify their payments process and make the switch to SumUp. Are you ready to join? Create an account, purchase your reader and never turn down a sale again.

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