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Virtual Terminal by SumUp

Accept credit card payments remotely with any computer or mobile device.

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Card Reader Not Available?

Use any desktop or mobile device to process payments – even when your card reader is not at hand.

What Are The Costs?

With SumUp Transparent Pricing you pay only a flat fee of 2.95% plus 15 cents on every transaction.

Accepting Payments With Virtual Terminal Is Easy.

This is how it works:

  1. Open the Virtual Terminal in your SumUp mobile app or dashboard.

  2. Enter the customer’s payment information and credit card number.

  3. Input the required amount.

  4. Click "Charge".

Check out our guide: Getting Started With Virtual Terminal

SumUp Keeps You and Your Customers Safe

Our Virtual Terminal utilizes a secure payment gateway to protect businesses and customers. With PCI compliant credit card processing technology, we ensure that remote transactions are reliable and safe.

Did You Know We Also Offer a Mobile Payments Solution?

Simply Send Payment Links to Mobile Devices and let customers pay by entering their card details on a mobile phone.

  1. Enter the amount in the SumUp app on your iOS or Android device..

  2. Tap charge and select "Mobile Payments".

  3. Share a payment link via text or with any messenger app.

The customer enters their card details on a secure payments page to complete payment.

Enable Mobile Payments!

Mobile Payments will be available in your dashboard upon completion of the business verification process. You will be able to access the feature in the dashboard and via the SumUp mobile app.

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